1. I have forgotten my Reshim-Bandh Login ID (user number) and password. What should I do?
    Ans. As soon as you inform us about your problem, Login ID and password will be sent on your E-Mail ID stored in our profile, E-mail your full name, date of birth to reshimbandh@rediffmail.com
  2. When I Login with my user number and password to website, I get message as Login Unsuccessful! Please check your user number and password. Can you help me?
    Ans. Your Password is case sensitive. Please check Lower/Upper case of your password. Also check whether you have wrongly typed some letters/digits.
  3. While Login on Reshim-Bandh with my ID and password, I get message as An Abnormal Condition has been raised. Why it is so?
    Ans. You have must filled your ID and password in inter-changed manner i.e. password in user number place and user number in password place, please type your user number and password in correct respective places.
  4. How my match-list gets updated?
    Ans. Your match-list is updated automatically. Those new candidates, who are perfectly matched to your preferences, are automatically added to your match-list.
  5. What should be my order of preference for viewing various match-lists?
    Ans. Your order of preference is Mutual,Oneside,Recommended.
  6. Why my match-list is not updated?
    Ans. Your match-list is dependent on your preferences. If you generalize your preferences, or made choices wide, your match-list will be updated.
    Note: - Change your preferences carefully because you may get 0 (Zero) or less match-list due to wrongly feed preferences.
  7. How can I update/ change my information or photo in my Registration form?
    Ans. You cannot update or change information/photo of your own in your Registration form. For this E-Mail such information or photo to Reshim-Bandh office on reshimbandh@rediffmail.com , write your name with user number. You can change your preferences in Step III, to get new match-list.
  8. How should I fill my payment entry by Send Payment Details Menu?
    Ans. Fill the payment details in short (strictly) in given options on this page and press Submit button. (Note: - Please do not skip any option and dont write much detail in remark section). If you get any error, please contact at Reshim-Band via Email.
  9. How to see my own profile?
    Ans. After you login with your user number and password to our website, your Menu is displayed. Here, click on Step I, II and III to see your profile.
  10. How much time it will take to activate my membership?
    Ans. Your membership will be activated as soon as we receive your payment. Before activation care is taken that your Registration form is completely filled.
  11. My 55 addresses are over, now what to do to take more addresses?
    Ans. You can purchase more additional 50 addresses for Rs. 300/-.
  12. Is there any time limit for consuming 55 addresses?
    Ans. There is no time limit on consuming 55 addresses. (It is not necessary to take 55 addresses at a time.)
  13. How can I pay Registration Fee?
    Ans. Read Payment Mode option on front page on website.
  14. What is the Registration Charge to become your Active member? Also explain the package.
    Ans. Registration Fee is Rs. 4600/-, one time only(no time limit). You can inform us within 30 days after completion of 1 year, so that your membership will be continued for next one year free of cost.
    In this registration, you can read all the profiles (unlimited) matched to you with photo, but can take any 55 addresses. It is not necessary to take 55 addresses at the same time. After consuming 55 addresses you can purchase additional 50 addresses for Rs. 300/- only.
  15. What is Kundali matching?
    Ans. Gana, Gotra, Rass, Naad and Nakshatra are the 5 options, on which basis Kundali is matched. After getting match-list, you can select these options, which are used to filter out candidates. So that members with those options will be filtered out from your match-list.
  16. What is Renew Membership? Why?
    Ans. Renew your registration within each 3 months interval from the last renewal date, otherwise it will be considered as Old Registration. For this click on Renew Membership in your Menu. It is better to open website after each 8/15 days interval to check newly updated match list, so as to be considered always Fresh/New Registration.
  17. I am unpaid (new) member. Whether candidates will contact me?
    Ans. No. Since profile of unpaid (new) member is not added in our database (to avoid fake registrations/data) other candidates cannot contact to you.
  18. I am Paid (Active) member of your website. Whether candidates will contact me?
    Ans. Yes. Candidates will contact you. But you should not waste the time in waiting for their first approach.
  19. How can I search profile on your website if I am unpaid (new) member?
    Ans. If you are unpaid (new) member, you have to fill Online Registration form on Homepage of Reshim-Bandh site. You will get user number and password with matching candidates list as per your criteria. You can see all matching profiles. [Photo and Addresses are not visible for new members. Hence you cannot contact them.]
  20. I am an Active (paid) member. How can I search profile on your website?
    Ans. Login to website with your user number and password. Your Menu is displayed. You can search profiles by clicking on following options. Select options:
    1. Refresh/ Show Mutual Match-List
    2. Refresh/ Show One side Match-List
    3. Instant Search.
  21. How can I view candidates photo? (For Active member)
    Ans. While accessing Match-List, you will observe camera sign beside candidates name. Camera sign indicates the photo availability of such particular candidate. If you select [click on radio button] that particular candidate and click on Details, photo with information is displayed.
  22. How to view Kundali of candiate?
    Ans. While accessing Match-List, when you click on Details of particular candidate, information of that candidate with Kundali will be displayed.
  23. What is your Contact Nos. and E-Mail ID?
    Ans. Phone. No.: 9766960851,9373799933 E-Mail: reshimbandh@rediffmail.com